Moto battle RSBK-REPSOL 2016 - anniversary motorcycle show in Nizhny Novgorod!

The first stage of the RSBK-Repsol 2016 season will be held on May 21 in one of the best Russia racing routes "Nizhny Novgorod Ring". In the international road racing championship of motorcycle races will be held the races in popular classes "Superbike" and "Supersport", also motorsport fans will see a spectacular fight in the classes "Superbike EVO" and "Superbike EVO2", "Supersport EVO" and "Supersport EVO 2" . On the track will motorcycle racers come on stock motorcycles, which will enter the fight in the classes "Stoc 1000" and "Stoc 600". In the class «Stock Open» beginners can show their motocross. The presence of the championship will be decorated by moto-ladies, the girls will compete in women's classification - the class "Woman". 

The battle for the championship promises to be hot, the pilots will demonstrate their skills, as well as all the strength and power of their "iron horses".

This year RSBK celebrates its fifth anniversary, therefore the program of each stage of the championship will be bright and grandiose! Organizers invite all spectators together to celebrate this sports holiday, extreme and adrenaline! In addition to racing, guests of the event are expected to have a motor show from the Russian superbike stars, an autograph session with the winners, and many surprises you will learn about directly on the track! 

For the smallest motorcycle enthusiasts in the paddock "NRING" will be equipped with a children's playground in the inflatable structure form that repeats the contours of a real racing track. Young motorcyclists will receive equipment and runovels to participate in the races under the guidance of experienced instructors. According to the results of the races, the winners will be solemnly awarded, the children will receive prizes, gifts and champions medals, as well as in adult competitions in highway and ring motorcycle races. 

For five years of existence interest to the Russian superbike has increased significantly, the championship has become attractive not only for professional racers, but also for beginning motorcyclists. Every year the number of RSBK pilots is increasing, and the championship is moving itself to a whole new level. The best confirmation of this is the cooperation with the Spanish oil and gas company Repsol, under the auspices of which all stages of the RSBK 2016 season will be held! 

Repsol is one of the 10th largest oil and gas concerns in the world, one of the activities is the production of high-quality lubricants for cars, motorcycles, construction equipment, industrial machinery and mechanisms, as well as auto and moto sports. 

In the upcoming season the company Repsol prepared an amazing gift for motor sport fans! At the RSBK Championship Repsol representatives will play a VIP invitation to Spain on the MOTO GP! All interested persons can take part in the contest. The winner will go to the 18th stage of the Moto GP world championship (Valencia Grand Prix), that will be held in Spain on November 13, 2016. Moreover, the lucky beggar will have the opportunity to meet personally with the super-star of the world motorsport the pilot of the "Repsol Honda Team" Mark Marquez the day before of motorcycle race! 
Details on the contest terms will appear soon!


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