Conference of REPSOL lubricants distributors 2016.

April 21-24, 2016 in Spain was the regular meeting of REPSOL lubricants distributors which was attended by representatives of four continents, 25 countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Africa. The company Delfin Import represented the Russian Federation, summing up the work of 2015, our representatives in their report highlighted the main features of dealer network building in Russia, as well as discussed plans for an advertising campaign for 2016.

Business meetings, presentations and technical seminars were held in Madrid, at the REPSOL headquarters and in the REPSOL technological center - in the most modern R & D complex in Europe.

During the events, REPSOL representatives summed up the working results of 2015 year and formed plans for the future, told about the world economy trends, in engine building and in the lubricants market, reported on the production modernization and the development of the assortment in both automotive and industrial segments. Representatives of distribution companies presented reports on activities to promote REPSOL lubricants in their countries and shared successful marketing strategies.


04/24/2015 The participants of the meeting got unforgettable impressions after seeing one of the MotoGP stages - Gran Premio Red Bull de España on the route JEREZ Circuito Velocidad near the town of Jerez.