Russian Superbike Repsol Championship International Cup - RSBK-Repsol 2016

Oil and gas giant Repsol is the general partner of the Russian superbike. RSBK Season 2016 will be held under the auspices of REPSOL! The conclusion of a long-term contract with a world-class Spanish company was an excellent indicator of the done work of the Russian superbike organizers, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. In connection with this significant date, motorsport enthusiasts are expecting a new highly topical programm and a lively sports show.

Prepare to see an unforgettable performance - international competitions in highway and ring motorcycle races. Each stage is a sea of adrenaline, intense struggle on the track, the maximum concentration of drive and speed - a small life for those who have gasoline instead of blood! In the races will take part as titled Russian motorcycle racers, and athletes from Europe.

RSBK-Repsol 2016 starts in May. 
It should be recalled that the calendar for the 2016 season looks like this: 
I stage – May 21 autodrome NRING 
II stage – June 18 autodrome Moscow Raceway
III stage – July 02 autodrome KAZANRING
IV stage – July 30 autodrome NRING

REPSOL  is one of the 10 largest oil and gas concerns in the world, one of the activities of which is the production of high-quality lubricants for cars, motorcycles, construction equipment, industrial machinery and mechanisms, as well as auto and moto sports.

REPSOL is the technical partner of the most advanced sports teams in the world, such as:

MotoGP: team REPSOL HONDA – 10-time world champions. 
MotoTRIAL: Toni Bou from REPSOL MONTESA team – 19-time world champion.
DAKAR: team REPSOL KTM – 2-time world champions in the ENDO.

For the world superiority of REPSOL lubricants more than 37,000 people are working in 84 countries all over the world, and the European technology center, in which the development and application of the latest achievements is being developed, is the largest in the world and the benchmark for all producers of oils and lubricants.

Deliveries of oil and technical support is carried out through an exclusive distributor in Russia REPSOL - DELFIN IMPORT (


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