Product lines: engine and transmission oils, greases, auto care products, technical liquids, and auto filters.
On the market since 1987.
Manufacturer: CJSC PG Spektr-Auto.

The first Spectrol product (engine oil) was produced in 1987. In the 1990s, a full range of semi-synthetic and synthetic Spectrol engine oils was developed, including “first fill” oils.

In 2005, Spectrol joined Delfin Group, an international trade and industry association; this has boosted its sales several-fold while opening up new opportunities and horizons.

Nowadays, Spectrol produces 100+ items for motorists; some of them are unmatched anywhere in the world.

For sales enquiries please contact Delfin Distribution.

16 Novaya St., Pushkino, Moscow Region 141200, Russia; (495) 993-46-56;