Products:motor oils, hydraulic and flushing oils, braking and glass-washer fluids and coolants, automobile chemistry and cosmetics, accessories.
Introduced to the market: in 1994.
Manufacturer: "STRACKSTAN" LLC

The creator of the "PILOTS" trademark is Latvian company SIA "TILIA-A", which operates on the automobile chemistry products market in Latvia since 1994. Due to the production development production capacity and product range under the "PILOTS" trademark is currently significantly increased. Company SIA "TILIA-A" is part of Delfin Group industry trade association and actively helps to promote the products on the market of Russia and the CIS countries.

Today, the "PILOTS" trademark are the producers of various motor oils, antifreeze, cooling fluids, braking fluids, electrolyte, distilled water and glass-washer fluids both for winter and summer.

"PILOTS" products represented in Russia, the CIS and other countries are adapted to the climatic characteristics of the region.

On the issue of purchase, please, contact Delfin Distribution staff.

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