Products: Consistent plastic greases
Introduced to the market: in 2013.

The use of high-tech consistent greases is a priority for the world's mining corporations, since heavy earth digging machinery has many moving joints that require lubrication. That is why, for the first time for the development of molybdenum deposits in the state of Colorado, USA, plastic greases of the NANO GREASE family were applied.

Soon, with the participation of specialists from the National Institute of Tribological Research and Development (NITRD), USA, NANO GREASE was one of the first to introduce the fine-dispersed MoS2 into the composition of greases, which allowed obtaining unique properties: molybdenum disulphide characterized by high adhesion to the metal surface. This means that it quickly forms a microlayer on the spares that forms a protective film neutralizing microcracks and gaps, leveling the surface. This layer has high strength and gives protection against scuffing.

In the world of operating conditions toughening and new generations of technology emergence, the scientific department of NANO GREASE is constantly developing new products, as well as improving the existing range.

With the expansion of North American mining companies to the world markets of Africa, Latin America and Asia, the lubricants of the NANO GREASE family became popular all over the world, which required NANO GREASE companies to quickly solve the problems of promptly meeting the needs of the mining companies in the field.

To this end, production was launched in Germany, Russia, Italy and the United States under the control of NANO GREASE using the innovations and developments of the company's research department.

Since September 2013, Delfin Import has become the exclusive representative of NANO GREASE trade mark in Russia and the CIS countries.

To date, NANO GREASE lubricants are widely used on coalmines of the Kemerovo region, by gold miners of the Irkutsk region and in the agroindustrial complex of the South of Russia. The greases have perfectly proved themselves in the most severe conditions of these regions.

According to their physico-chemical properties, the NANO GREASE products family outperform the benchmarks of similar lubricants of the world’s oil companies, and their design is made specifically to simplify the work with the product, since end-users often purchase grease not so much for their intended purpose as for color. These factors allow the most effective interaction with any consumers on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries.

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