Product lines: engine oils for modern cars, motorcycles, and agricultural machinery; automotive lubricants.
Manufacturer: В.L.W. Handel Gmbh.

Kansler lubricants offer an attractive combination of advanced European technology and affordable Russian prices. The Kansler brand is owned and Kansler products manufactured by В.L.W. Handel Gmbh, a private company based in Berlin, Germany. Kansler is a young and dynamic brand seeking to compete head-on with products of best-known international manufacturers.

High quality of Kansler oil comes from advanced European technology, latest petrochemical research, and thorough quality control. Thanks to fruitful cooperation with leading additive manufacturers, the company produces lubricants fit for modern engines and approved by major global carmakers. Obtaining such approvals from major auto concerns is a priority task in efficient international promotion of its products. Nowadays, В.L.W. Handel Gmbh has its products manufactured by leading blender facilities in the European Union and North America. As of June 1, 2010, Delfin Group has won an exclusive distributorship of German-made Kansler oils throughout CIS until 2015. In cooperation with В.L.W. Handel Gmbh, Delfin Group is able to offer European-made engine oils that comply with strict requirements of leading global automakers to Russian and CIS markets at moderate prices.

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