Product lines: universal oils, diesel, transmission, and flushing oils.
Manufacturer: Yarneft Private Oil Company LLC

Multipurpose engine oils made by Yarneft Private Oil Company are intended for gasoline and diesel engines installed in cars, LCVs, and trucks. Given the difference in vehicle engines, this means completely different requirements with regard to lubricants. Engineers and chemists of the Yarneft Private Oil Company fully appreciate this and work hard to help develop products that help your vehicle get the job done whoever may be behind the wheel.

Every year, thousands of engines across the nation run on Yarneft engine oil; vehicle owners rarely think of swapping Yarneft oil for another brand. In fact, the Yarneft brand is backed up by a long track record of quality engine oils and diligent work of people who produce it.

Every year, we keep improving our unique product line. We are confident that Yarneft engine oils will protect your engine from scaling and other harmful buildup, as the oil gets to the most inaccessible engine parts. As the company builds up its production facilities and dealer networks, its corporate labs carry on with research. The purpose of this effort is to continuously improve existing products and look for radically new ways of meeting the needs of the lubricants market.

The Yarneft product line also includes transmission oils, greases, oil and air filters, antifreezes, and brake fluids, which match similar foreign products and specifications on quality.

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