Product lines: auto care products and chemicals, special liquids, windshield washer fluids, engine oils, flushing and special oils, professional chemicals, coolants, and ancillary goods.
On the market since 1985.
Manufacturer: Delfin Chemicals LLC.

In 1978, a State Non-Profit Research Center (SKSRC Chemical) was established in Ohio, USA, to study the impacts of various chemicals on the environment and human beings. Unique research findings of the institution laid the ground work for 3ton Autochemical research-cum-manufacturing company, founded in 1985.

3ton products marketed in Russia stem from cooperation between 3ton Autochemical USA and Russia's Delfin Chemicals. Under a cooperation agreement, 3ton Autochemical provides the brand, latest technologies and chemicals, while the Russian co-venturer produces containers, packages top-quality auto chemicals, and markets them in Russia. Russian-based manufacture of 3ton auto chemicals is supervised by US specialists. The facility relies on latest process concepts devised by leading US labs and institutes. In terms of product quality, 3ton holds a leading position in the Russian market; the environmental profile and quality of these auto chemical products are in line with highest international standards, as repeatedly confirmed at various prestigious international exhibitions.

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