Summer road: how to make it easy and comfortable

Sunny, warm summer days seem to invite us on the road! Who do not want to go in the period of summer holidays on your car on the sea - closer to the azure expanses, or arrange a grandiose tourist sally along the native land.

To have a rest and unwind, to spend time interestingly is a great idea. But, if you decide to prepare for a distant auto travel, you must first take care of your "steel horse" - replace, if necessary, worn out parts and components of the car, check first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, highway emergency warning triangle.

And even in a long trip, skillful and effective assistants will not interfere, which we will talk about today. These are the means that every prudent motorist should have in his arsenal. A set of high-quality auto chemical products will help you minimize the negative impact of a variety of road factors - water, dirt, gnats, sand. It will make it easier for you to care for the car and protect it from damage.

In this article we will tell you about some products of trade marks 3ton and Spectrol, which on the summer road will be your indispensable helpers, facilitate the operation of the car, make the trip easy and comfortable.

3ton «Anti-rain»

If the summer turned out to be rainy - it is not an excuse to get upset and refuse planned trips. Even in a bad weather, 3ton "Anti-rain" will help you to ensure good visibility. It is enough to put the product on the windshield and side windows, as well as on the mirrors - and the faultless view is guaranteed! You will not be bothered by drops of water, which annoy not only in the shower, but also with a small, drizzling rain. Water will easily slide down, and in addition, your glasses will be much less polluted.

3ton " Anti-rain" will make auto driving in rainy weather safer, visibility will improve even without wiper blades. At the same time, the composition of the " Anti-rain " does not leave a cloudy coating on the surface of the glasses. Do not forget to grab this remedy on the road! And in everyday urban life it will become your faithful and useful companion.

3ton «Headlight Polishing»

The headlights are the car "eyes". And we can`t go without eyes in a distant journey. The lights require care in the city. But on a trip on the highway, and even more so on the off-road - the load on the headlights increases in time. It's dust, dirt, sand and pebbles, midge and so on. It's easy to clean the headlights just and the 3ton "Headlights Polar" facility will help. The composition is designed to remove surface scratches, traces of chemical damage and oxidizing effects of light on headlight materials. It is used for polishing transparent plastic as headlights, and stop lamps, direction indicators, etc.

3ton «Stain cleaner»

Since we are going to go far, not only car headlights need protection. It's always nice when your car is clean and well-groomed - glitters in the sun and looks like it's just left the car dealership. Fighting the mud of summer roads - and they are still far from perfect! - will help 3ton "Stain Cleaner". Its composition will help to clean easily the car paint and chrome parts of the body, even from adherent, persistent contaminants. The cleaner will remove stains from oil, tar, bitumen, insect traces and other contaminants, for example, traces of an automotive preservative.

Spectrol «Muhomoy»

All of us know perfectly that with the high-speed driving along the highway the entire front part of the car, including the windshield, headlights and radiator grilles, suffer from all sorts of insects - bugs, flies, moths, mosquitoes, flies and other small insects. For the travel day, the formed plaque withers and adheres to the surfaces so much that cleaning it without damaging the glass, plastic and car surfaces is a great problem.

Effectively fight the summer midge, "ramming" the windshield of the machine, Spectrol "Mukhomoy" will help you. The composition of this product includes unique in its chemical structure surface-active substances that quickly, easily and safely dissolve the organics from the adherent insects and make your glasses clean.

At the same time, "Mukhomoy", in contrast to the usual cleaners, does not form visually impaired visibility on the surface of the glass, a greasy cover-up. Moreover, the product contains special additives, antireflective optics - forming a kind of chemical anti-reflective coating, greatly improving the visibility and, as a consequence, the safety of driving on the road. In this case, and your eyes from the many hours of sitting behind the wheel will now tire much less!

Spectrol «Muhomoy» concentrate

"Mukhomoy" concentrate is a more concentrated product, which is produced in a compact package. You do not need to take a 5-liter or 3-liter canister. Enough a bottle of 1 liter! Directly on the road, it can be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 5 and pour into the tank for the glass washer. If a greater efficacy of the agent is required, its concentration in the solution can be increased.

Now your glass is under reliable protection!

Have a nice trip and rest!