Winter roads without problems

In the cold season, motorists need high-quality car chemistry, so we offer you products that you can not do without frost.

The main problem of this season was sharp temperature changes. The cold did not enter into full force for a long time, even in December the thermometer showed a plus, and then in January sudden severe frosts began.

Before the snow drifted around the "iron horses", the owners of the machines were in the grip of a sudden sharp warming, accompanied by an icy rain. Weather forecasters warn: such amplitudes will last until the end of the season.

In view of the whims of the winter element, amateurs to stay behind the wheel during the winter period simply need to "arm" with high-quality auto chemistry and auto cosmetics. Even if there are no more extreme frosts, the main winter problems with the car will not disappear anywhere. Here we list the main ones, and, of course, we will offer effective means for their solution.


Washer LUXЕ Clear glass -15

Problem №1
Road Overview

You may agree, even a real ace no one driver is able to drive without a full survey of the road. And it is with the review that problems arise due to snow, rain, ice, divorce and other "delights" of the snowy period. But there is a way out, and not even one!


Washer LUXЕ Lite -20

For effective cleaning of the car windshield in winter, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to such product as LUXE Glass Washer. It is presented in a wide range, has a crystallization temperature of -15 ° C, -20 ° C, and -30 ° C and is oriented to different weather conditions, which is a great advantage over other similar products. In addition, this washer does not require self-dilution. The assortment consists of three varieties.

Washer LUXE Clean glass-15 degreases the surface of the glass and the working surface of the wiper blades. Not leaving oil stains and stains on the glass, it increases road safety. Its chemical formula does not harm the rubber and metal parts of the body of the car. This product supports the car washing system in working condition at low ambient temperatures up to -15 ° C.

The LUXE Light-20 washer is also very effective and has all the same characteristics. It supports the washing system of the machine in working condition at temperatures up to -20 ° C.


3ton Glasses washer Spring-Summer

Washer LUXE Lime-30 perfectly degreases the surface of the glass and wiper blades, eliminates the stains, supports the car wash system in working condition at temperatures up to -30 ° C. The cleaning ability of glass is kept at a high level.

For those who live in the southern regions of Russia, a great help on the roads will be a windshield washer fluid 3ton Spring-Summer washer. This is an excellent fast and economical product with the smell of exotic fruits, the quality of which is beyond praise. It is used in windscreen washing systems, effectively cleaning them from road dust and soot, dirt and insect traces. The product does not leave stains and iridescent film, it does not harm the rubber and metal parts of the machine. Special anti-corrosion additives, included in its composition, protect the glass washing system from corrosion. The freezing point is -6 ° C.


3ton Defroster of glasses

Problem №2
Icing and fogging of the windshield

It's not a secret that a car that has stood still in the cold is not only difficult to get. One of the most common problems is the formation of thick crusts of ice on the panes. They will help you to get rid of them. 3ton The defroster of glasses. This is an ideal tool for removing ice and snow from the windows and mirrors of the car, and it also prevents the fogging of the internal surfaces of the glass. The product immediately removes ice from the glass and prevents its reappearance, without damaging the rubber and metal parts, as well as the paint and varnish coating of body parts. Degreasing the glass and the working surface of the brushes, it does not leave streaks and matt coating on the glass. It is worth noting that in January 2015, the 3ton glass defroster took the first place among the analogues according to the version of the publication "Behind the wheel."


3ton Anthylate

When driving a glass, cars are often fogged up very much. Usually this happens in the event that there is a big difference in temperatures in the cabin and on the street. In this case, it will be by the way 3ton Anthylate. It is designed to prevent fogging the car's windows, including heated glass, improves visibility and improves safety. With significant temperature changes over a long period of time, the effect of crystal transparency remains. Does not affect the refractive power of glass, eliminates the appearance of distortion, leaves no streaks. The product can be used to prevent fogging windows, window panes, mirrors.


LUXЕ Defroster of locks

Problem №3
Freezing of locks

Often happens that in the car the locks of the front and rear doors freeze - they can not be opened either with a key or with a signal. LUXE product The defroster of locks is a highly effective means for defrosting and preventing the freezing of locks of all systems, it frees frozen locks of doors, trunk of the car, as well as hanging and mortise locks from moisture and ice. Presented both in a tube and in the form of a spray, it can be used for defrosting household locks of any modifications. Protects against corrosion, displaces moisture, does not wash off grease, prevents further icing. The crystallization temperature is not higher than -30 ° С.


3ton Silicone Grease

Problem №4
Friction and creaking in systems, freezing doors

It is very uncomfortable when driving on a car is accompanied by friction or creaking. This "sound accompaniment" shakes the nerves of both the driver and passengers. In this case, aerosol 3ton Silicone grease is indispensable. It is easily and conveniently used, forms a continuous polymer layer of silicone molecules on the surface, giving water repellent properties to parts of any type of mechanical equipment. The product provides high-quality lubrication and long-term reliable protection against moisture and corrosion in any weather. It also has a unique adhesion to metals, plastics, rubber, vinyl, eliminates friction and creaking, which occur when working units and aggregates. In addition to cars, it is successfully used for lubricating bicycles and household appliances.

Of course, there can be a lot of problems with the car in the winter season, the descriptions of all of them can not be accommodated by this article. But in dealing with the most common seasonal inconveniences, you can safely use our products. They will not let you down and will serve a good service for a long time.

Good luck on the road!