Winter preparation!

The cold season isn`t so far, and it means that it is time to reflect not only on winter tires, but also on winter car chemistry! Correctly selected set of special liquids will allow you to easily survive any frost and other seasonal "surprises". To competently prepare your car for the winter, you need to follow a simple principle - you need to select a proven and high-quality product at a reasonable price. Specialists of Delfin Group made for their customers a selection of the best winter products, which have proven themselves in low and very low temperatures.

Practical car owners are already pondering over what coolant they will use with the beginning of the cold, what antigel will be poured into the fuel tank, which windshield washer to choose, and of course you should not forget about such useful products as: the defroster of the locks and the defroster of the glasses.

With the onset of the first cold weather, these funds will become an indispensable assistant to every motorist, and will protect the car from the vagaries of the weather. However, to ensure that winter specials do not fail you at the most crucial moment, you need to buy a quality and proven product, it is what Delfin Group offers! The reliability of the winter line of goods from the Delfin Group has been tested for many years on the Russia roads and abroad!

Winter offers from ALASKA

For years of work in the market of autochemistry Alaska has become a recognized brand not only in Russia, but also abroad. All products produced under this brand meet the requirements GOST, international standards and specifications of leading automobile companies. The winter range from ALASKA is represented by a variety of quality products at an affordable price: Alaska G11 -40 ° C antifreezes are very popular with motorists; the newest formula provides: prolonged service life, resistant anticorrosive protection and prevents the formation of scale. Particular attention should be paid to the anti-gel ALASKA, this depressant additive to diesel fuel ensures the fuel capacity up to -45 ° C and improves the pumpability of fuel at low temperatures.

Seasonal products from 3ton

On the threshold of the winter season, the defrosters of glasses and the defrosters of locks are very popular among motorists. These products have already proved indispensable in the conditions of unpredictable Russian winter. For example, the defroster of 3ton glasses perfectly removes ice cake and adhered snow from the windows and mirrors of the car. The advantage of this product is that it not only removes ice, but also prevents its reappearance and prevents fogging of internal surfaces of tekol. The defroster of 3ton locks is an effective and simple means to solve the problems of an icy lock (door, trunk), as well as hanging, mortise and other locks. With the product "Quick Start" from 3ton you can forget about the problems of starting the engine at low temperatures and high humidity. "Quick start" promotes better atomization of fuel and lowers the point of its ignition. Therefore, even a weak spark is enough to start the engine. The product contains lubricating and anticorrosive additives for the cylinder-piston group, which extends the life of the battery and the ignition system. For owners of country houses and cottages, 3ton has a special winter offer - a low-temperature household coolant! This is a unique product, an environmentally friendly low-temperature coolant, created on the basis of glycerin, is designed for use in all types of autonomous heating systems as a working fluid with a large heat capacity. Provides reliable operation of heating systems in the temperature range from -30 ° C to + 100 ° C. The heat carrier 3ton reliably protects steel, copper, cast iron, aluminum, brass and solder. Does not have an aggressive effect on plastic and metal-plastic pipes. The heat carrier is highly stable and ensures reliable operation of the system for 5 years or 10 heating seasons.

Winter products from Spectrol

For the winter season, Spectrol offers the latest product - fully synthetic engine oil Spectrol GALAX 5W-30. The product is suitable for heavy duty and high speeds. Provides high performance of the engine, reducing noise and fuel economy. A unique formula provides reliable protection of the engine at high temperatures and facilitates the rapid start-up of the engine at low temperatures.

In the winter, of course, you should not forget about the special windshield washer. The liquid for washing the glasses Spectrol Lemon -20 ° C and -30 ° C provides a good overview when driving at low temperatures. Winter washer fluid Spectrol Lemon has excellent detergent properties and a unique ability to form an antireflective film on the glass surface, which gives a lasting effect of cleanliness, reliably protects the surface of the glass and wiper blades from abrasive wear.

The winter line of Delfin Group products is created taking into account climatic features of Russia and CIS countries and reliably protects your car from all seasonal "surprises". With the products of the Delfin Group, the winter season will pass for your car simply and easily!


Good luck on the road!