According to experts’ estimate, the range of the present domestic market of car chemicals, cosmetics and motor oils reached is very impressive, especially considering the level of lubricants consumption in Russia, which is the third highest after China and the U.S.

Needless to say, the market competition is inevitably strong as almost every commodity and price niche presents an enormous variety of products; with such variety it is not easy to navigate, even for the specialists.

18 февраля 2010

In 2009 another well-known western company joined the association of Delfin Group Russia. For this special occasion we are proud to present our colleagues, the largest international manufacturer of cosmetics and perfumes, as new partners.

Our text series «About Partners» tells more about the history of these companies, their achievements and their recipe for success. Here we will start with the story of a small French chemical company that blossomed into a world empire of beauty within 100 years — L’Oreal.

10 февраля 2010

Motor and gear oils, coolants, brake fluids used in a modern car are known as the service fluids. We present a story about the peculiarities of their use.

08 февраля 2010

The past year has proven to be significant for the majority of Russian enterprises. The longest part of the sharp crisis stage took place in 2009 and for many turned out to be too much to handle. Surrounded by the global recession the situation required the clear recognition of priorities, as well as immediate response to the market changes combined with tough marketing policy. We decided it was important to talk to Thomas Petrovsky, the president of the association, about the work of the Delfin Gorup Russia during the last twelve months.

01 февраля 2010

MEZOPLAST is recognized as a leading manufacturer of cosmetics and household chemicals and one of the pioneers of contract manufacturing in Russia. Recently it merged with the International Business Association Delfin Group.

To date, through experience and an impeccable business reputation, the enterprise is a full partner of well-known international companies Schwarzkopf & Henkel, L’OREAL, and Beiersdorf.

18 января 2010