The catalog presents the universal design for those customers who do not require individual solutions, and who works with the standard, ready and tested exploitations.

We are also ready to accept orders for the production of individual forms. To assess the cost and feasibility of the project, please contact managers of Delfin Contract Company.

30 апреля 2010

With the globalization of markets the contract manufacturing, widely practiced in Europe during the 1970s, is becoming increasingly popular. It is very profitable for large transnational corporations to trust their output to regional producers; in addition, it significantly reduces costs and facilitates the entry into the national markets.

In the last decade, due to the relative stability and impressive growth of the consumer demand in Russian Federation, attention of the foreign customers has been focused on Delfin Group. It should be noticed that this interest is mutual.

We talked about Delfin Contract background with the area manager Egor Genevsky.

22 апреля 2010

We bring you the third, final part of the story about L’Oreal from the text series «About the Partners.»

The previous series have been dedicated to the birth of the company, as the first major successes happened in the old days before the war. This article gives the reader an account of the new status acquisition — the World Empire of Beauty- L’Oreal.

15 марта 2010

In the past year, natural progression led NAC Filter, LLC, which specializes in the production of automotive filters, to merge with Delfin Group’s business associations. This new production site has become a strategically important branch of the Delfin Contract Headquarters, and the Association has high expectations for it.

02 марта 2010

We continue the story about the partners of Delfin Group Russia, the story about the perfume and cosmetics giant L’OREAL. We’ve told you about the childhood and youth of the company founder, as well as the early days of the company, when an office, laboratory and warehouse were all squeezed into a small apartment. The account of the industry’s largest manufacturer and worldwide popularity is ahead. Our story is about the first commercial success in the old days right before the war.

01 марта 2010