Spectrol brand belongs to the international trade association Delfin Group. Spectrol produces a wide assortment of car chemicals, oils, and car care products of premium  quality; it won the consumer recognition  worldwide. Spectrol is also a product line, which includes more than 100 items, many of them do not have the world analogues; and it is manufactured  at three major production sites - USA, Russia and Latvia. 

15 марта 2011

The history of trademark Yarneft goes back to the late 90's, when the group of experts in one of the leading Yaroslavl Institute worked to create the affordable motor oil with high quality. The target was the Russian market: low price, adaptation to our challenging climate, versatility that is ability to use motor oil in various cars.

04 марта 2011

To date, the Russian market of motor oils has become one of the largest and dynamically growing in the world. One of its main and specific features is a qualitative component growth. This is a general trend associated with the reorientation of the domestic automobile industry towards a model line corresponding to the most advanced technical regulations, as well as an increasing share of foreign cars in the Russian fleet.

24 января 2011

We continue publications, and this is about the largest partner of Delfin Group, Schwarzkopf and Henkel, a giant of the cosmetic industry, recently joined our contract manufacturing.

Over 100 years the trademark of Schwarzkopf with the silhouette of a black head has offered to the world the perfumery-cosmetic products of the invariable high quality.

10 июня 2010

Your car maintenance during summer time is very important. Let’s highlight the essential things you should remember, and your car will be «in its element» on the road!

11 мая 2010