Germany is rightfully considered the country of cutting-edge automotive technologies, and automotive chemicals and motor oils produced in Germany are some sort of reliability and quality benchmark. Kansler lubricants are a perfect combination of innovative European technologies and affordable Russian prices. Private German company В.L.W. Handel Gmbh (Berlin) is an owner of Kansler brand. Kansler is a young, fast-growing brand committed to compete strongly with products from famous global brands. 

12 марта 2012

There are some business partners, whose work is an excellent indicator of development for both the company and its partners! Cooperation with enterprises of this sort does not only improve and evolve the business but also opens new promising horizons! This is the kind of partner we are going to talk about today – please meet Pride Trade and Finance Group!

25 января 2012

In the summer 2011, Delfin Motorsport signed the agreement to import Avgas 100LL aviation gasoline produced by major US oil company ConocoPhillips – one of the world’s leaders in oil extraction and production facilities – to Russia. Thus, one of Delfin Group’s subsidiaries pushes the boundaries of its business activities, offering its customers the top-quality aviation gasoline in addition to quality racing fuel. 

21 декабря 2011

The Russian division of transnational Delfin Group has just celebrated its eighth anniversary. Within this period of time the company that was established in 2003 as a small manufacturing branch with its own R&D lab transformed into Delfin Group’s major R&D, managerial and manufacturing asset.

17 августа 2011

No car owner needs explanations about what antifreeze is – this category of automotive chemicals has become essential since air-cooling systems were replaced by liquid cooling technologies. 

19 апреля 2011