From August 28 to 31 Moscow will host the 8th International Interauto Automotive Exhibition. As always, the event will take place at International Exhibition Centre Crocus Expo and will bring together dozens of exhibitors from all over the world. This is not the first year that Delfin Group actively participates in the Interauto exhibition and each time it thoroughly prepares its stand at the exhibition! This year the company will showcase not only the range of its own products but also products from new foreign brands it started distributing in Russia and the CIS in 2012 on an exclusive basis. 

14 августа 2012

At the height of summer, Delfin Group presents its new products that are extremely relevant for the summer season. We offer our refreshed LUXE and 3ton product ranges!

05 июля 2012

Delfin Import became an exclusive distributor of Repsol products on the territory of Russia in March 2012. Repsol-branded lubricants are a brand-new level of quality on the Russian market! Repsol continuously improves and refreshes its products, actively cooperates with top global carmakers and thoroughly monitors the quality of products supplied to all countries. The brand’s reputations speak for itself – Repsol is the ‘first-filling’ oil at Honda, Volkswagen, Seat, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Aprilia, KTM and Deutz plants.

16 мая 2012

Every company has some moments, when it needs extraordinary ideas and unorthodox solutions to move to a brand-new level in its development. For these ideas to turn into reality any company needs a smart and well-thought-out strategy and a partner, who will help it handle any field-specific issue. The cooperation between Delfin Group and Garden Trading (GT) in contract manufacturing of oils for special-purpose vehicles may be considered an example of such successful and effective partnership.

14 мая 2012

It is no secret that any major business is like a highly organized body with its health depending on well-coordinated functioning of all organs. Therefore, while handling its strategic tasks Delfin Group is striving to make its divisions cooperate closely and complement each other.

22 марта 2012