Delfin Group Business Association is the leading distributor of motor oil, antifreeze and other car chemical goods. Finished products are shipped both by road and by railway in wagons and containers, depending on the destination. Products for CIS countries are primarily delivered by rail in our own or rented wagons. This process is carried out on the basis of Delfin Logistic Platform.

13 февраля 2013

Delfin Aqua is a leader in scientific research and production of electrochemical systems for water purification and development of active solutions for special application. Research and production company Delfin Aqua is a division of Delfin Group Business Association.

20 декабря 2012

Daytona is a brand that has been able to achieve considerable success in the market of lubricants and special liquids for a year and a half. In addition to motor and special oils and fluids for cars and motorcycles, Daytona produces special oils and lubricants for garden and construction equipment under manufacturing contracts with Delfin Group. Today, Daytona holds a leading position in the Russian market of special lubricants for bicycles, scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles and water machines and does not plan to stop here. The secrets of success of the brand Daytona you will learn from our material.

06 декабря 2012

The frosty season is just around the corner, thus the time has come to think not only about winter tires but also about winter automotive chemicals! Properly selected set of special automotive fluids will enable you to live securely through frosts and other seasonal ‘surprises.’ In order to make your car truly ready for the winter you need to observe a simple rule – buy proven and quality products at affordable prices. Delfin Group professionals come up with the collection of the best winter products that have already proved to perform perfectly at low and very low temperatures.  

22 октября 2012

The Interauto exhibition turns out to be a benchmark event for the automotive industry every time and Interauto 2012 is no exception! This year the exhibition area exceeded 30 thousand square meters, in other words – the entire Hall 1 of the exhibition facilities. 550 exhibitors from 24 Russian regions and 17 foreign countries attended the event. This is not the first year that Delfin Group actively participates in the Interauto exhibition and each time it discovers new opportunities for business development. This year the company presents the range of its own products and products from new foreign brands it started distributing in Russia and the CIS in 2012 on an exclusive basis.

12 сентября 2012