The vehicles employing gaseous fuel are becoming more numerous on Russian roads every year. At the same time the necessity of a special fluid protecting valves against wear is becoming urgent too. Delfin Group has developed a unique product - the first ever in Russia concentrated fuel additive that decreases the valve wear and reduces the fuel consumption.

13 ноября 2013

The Russian package industry has certainly made good progress for recent 15 years. Enterprises expand methods used in their activity and tend to cover the entire production cycle. A great many of companies fit with up-to-date equipment, furnished with all the quality control means and employing highly qualified staff have appeared. TARAPLASTIC is among such companies.

26 сентября 2013

There have been recent cases of placing materials in print and on the internet, which (in most cases, on the blunt tip of unfair manufacturers-competitors) formed a false impression among consumers about the quality and features of our products, and thus consumers are deliberately misled.

We, however, have a different point of view on the subject, of which we will try to inform our long-standing partners, distributors and customers.

28 августа 2013

Today we’ll talk about automobile cosmetics and chemical goods, which will help car owners enjoy the summer driving season as much as possible! June is just around the corner, and that means that the summer driving season can be considered almost open. Down with winter tires, icy car locks and endless snowfalls! A Russian driver blooms in summer together with nature, but in order to avoid all sorts of trouble, you need to use little "tricks".

30 мая 2013

“Masha and the Bear” cartoon became a hit in 2012, millions of people around the world fell in love with these funny and amusing characters. As well as the animated film “Masha and the Bear” cosmetic products have become very popular. Both children and adults adore shampoos, shower gels, bubble bath and other products of this brand. In some part, the high demand for “Masha and the Bear” cosmetic products is due to not only the popularity of the brand, but also the quality of the product, the production of which has been commissioned by the right holder to the CJSC “MEZOPLAST”. The choice of the rightholder for the contract manufacturing was not made at random: “MEZOPLAST” is the leading Russian manufacturer of cosmetics and household chemicals, and a member of the Delfin Group Business Association.

Valery Elagin, the Head of Delfin Cosmetic Department, shared with us the secret of the brand success.

15 марта 2013