The cold season isn`t so far, and it means that it is time to reflect not only on winter tires, but also on winter car chemistry! Correctly selected set of special liquids will allow you to easily survive any frost and other seasonal "surprises". To competently prepare your car for the winter, you need to follow a simple principle - you need to select a proven and high-quality product at a reasonable price. Specialists of Delfin Group made for their customers a selection of the best winter products, which have proven themselves in low and very low temperatures.

01 ноября 2018

Sunny, warm summer days seem to invite us on the road! Who do not want to go in the period of summer holidays on your car on the sea - closer to the azure expanses, or arrange a grandiose tourist sally along the native land.

14 июня 2018

The winter is ending: the snow is gradually coming off the roads, the thermometer shows the temperature above zero ... If your "iron horse" worked all winter without fatigue, now is the time to prepare it for the new season.

04 апреля 2017

Every economic crisis naturally entails the fact that everything and everyone are in their place. Weak players leave the market, and strong players - on the contrary, use the crisis as a chance to show their stability and reliability, finding new opportunities for development. About how the difficult economic situation affected the motor oil market, as well as about the recipes for survival during the crisis, the editorial staff talked with the marketing director of the Delfin Group business association Milshinin N.N.

24 августа 2016

In the cold season, motorists need high-quality car chemistry, so we offer you products that you can not do without frost.

11 февраля 2016