The Delfin Group is a trade-industrial association of independent jointly developing commercial companies, officially operating since 2003. However, the beginning of the active functioning of the association is considered to be 2005, when the necessary reorganization was carried out in partner companies.

The first domestic enterprise that joined Delfin Group association and laid the foundation for its representation was the largest producer of motor oils and auto chemicals - Luxoil, later renamed to Delfin Industry. Today, Delfin Industry is one of the largest manufacturers in Russia for blending and packing motor & transmission oils and other automotive liquids.

Delfin Chemicals became the second company that has joined Delfin Group. Its main partner – 3ton Autochemical USA in Russia. This venture allowed Delfin Group to improve distribution chain and expand geography of sales.

Another memorable event is dated December 2005, when Delfin Group announced that Russian industrial company Spectrum-Auto became part of the group. It is the oldest Russian independent domestic producer of advanced lubricants Spectrol.

Overall by the end of 2005, seven various business divisions have been formed by joining Delfin Group, thus not only ensuring stability and reliability of the association on the Russian market, but also allowing it to become one of the industry leaders in business efficiency.

Delfin Group

The geography of sales is well developed through our extensive distribution network and covers CIS, Baltic states and other distant foreign countries.

Delfin Group’s product portfolio includes both Russian trademarks that have gained recognition from consumers on the market and well-known global brands.

Over the following years, Delfin Group has been joined by companies and units with activities, including, but not limited to:

  • industrial production;
  • contract manufacturing;
  • manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics, household chemicals;
  • distribution;
  • production and supply of sports fuel;
  • delivery of products by rail and road;
  • maintenance of vehicles;
  • provision of telecommunications services.

To date Delfin Group has the following competitive advantages:

  • high quality products based on unique recipes, quality raw materials and modern production technologies;
  • wide range of products and services;
  • powerful modern production base;
  • presence of own research laboratories;
  • professionalism and high qualification of employees;
  • optimal ratio of price - quality of products and services;
  • extensive distribution network.